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At Applied Learning Science, our innovative services result from the diverse backgrounds and perspectives that our team brings to the table. Authenticity is central to our identity. By fostering a culture of belonging through respect and trust, our team members feel comfortable being their true selves. To ensure that our team can reach its highest potential, we are committed to promoting equity and inclusion in every aspect of our work. This helps us provide practical solutions for your organization’s needs.

In alignment with our goals to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, Applied Learning Science seeks to champion the following principles:

We center people first.

The quality of work we produce is dependent on the well-being of our team members. Therefore, we prioritize our people before profit. 

We are always learning.

Our team members understand the beauty of science. We are always learning, revising, adjusting, and evolving. Part of our commitment to promoting an equitable and inclusive atmosphere includes continuously sharing tools, information, and ideas to help everyone develop and grow.

We bring our authentic selves to the table.

We believe that embracing differences is key to generating innovation. At the most basic level, we provide equal opportunity to people of all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, gender identifications, abilities, incomes, marital statuses, ages, geographic locations, philosophies, and veteran statuses. Beyond that, we welcome and invest in our team members’ and clients’ whole selves.

We act with integrity.

We strive to be collaborative and cooperative with our clients without compromising our values associated with equity and inclusion.

We empower team members’ contributions.

We believe that innovation is aided by a climate of psychological safety. Applied Learning Science strives to create a conducive environment by giving all team members an equal opportunity to voice ideas or concerns freely.

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